LISA Academy staff, families, and surrounding emergency services would like to inform you of the ongoing efforts to ensure safe and healthy campuses to learn, innovate, support, and achieve. LISA Academy has been hosting many training sessions for staff and personnel including safety committee reviews, crisis planning, and de-escalation tactics. Additional safety training will continue throughout the school year for all staff.  All buildings have been updated to include controlled and secure access and video surveillance. In keeping with the Governor’s Arkansas School Safety Commission recommendations, all LISA Academy schools have an armed CSSO (commissioned school security officers) onsite daily.
Moving forward LISA Academy is continuing to monitor and review safety protocols for each campus, with guidance from the local and state authorities.

Please take note that LISA Academy is a tobacco-free school.  Per State law and our student handbook,  smoking tobacco, the use of tobacco or tobacco products, or the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in school buildings, vehicles, or on school property, 300 feet from school property, or at school-related or school-sanctioned events off school property.  

Possession, use, sale, or distribution of tobacco or related items/products, vaping devices, or e-cigarettes on school property or at school-related events by students is a leveled offense in our student handbook, punishable by expulsion.  LISA Academy considers a cigarette lighter to be a tobacco-related product.

Please help us keep our campuses safe and healthy places for all of our students and staff.