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Instruction Methods for 2020-2021

Dear Families,

            LISA Academy is working hard to provide families with the highest quality of STEM-focused education.  We have listened to feedback from our families as well as studied best practices to provide students with engaging opportunities each day. Learning may look different as we adjust to this new normal but the level of education remains the same.  Therefore for each grade level parents have 2 options to best meet their child’s needs.


Learning Delivery Models:

A.) On-site Blended- What families see as traditional learning will evolve to Blended Learning which is primarily face to face instruction but established in a digital format that allows for a rapid transition to virtual learning if needed. In this model, students come to the school building each day for face to face instruction.


B.) Virtual Learning is remote learning from the child’s home. Families who select LISA Virtual Learning will provide the home support needed to guide their children through the education process with more and sometimes significant support for certain students.  Unlike the 2019-2020 AMI (Alternate Methods on Instruction) online delivery where only essential skills were in focus. Virtual learning will be an in-depth and comprehensive curriculum comparable to material and pace to the on-site learning model.



CHOICE A- On-site blended

CHOICE B- Virtual learning

Students come to school every day.  Teachers provide in-person instruction and guide them with practice with online platforms to use in the event of a closure.

Students follow LISA guided online instruction with a LISA staff member guiding daily lessons. Virtual learning will be taught using the same LISA materials as classroom instruction.





All students both virtual and blended will participate in the LISA Academy assessment system so student growth may be closely monitored.

*Some assessments can be assigned virtually while others may be administered at the school building depending on testing requirements:

  • MAP (K-10) Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • ACT Aspire (3-10)
  • ACT (11th)
  • PSAT (10th)
  • NWEA Reading Fluency (K-1)




Q and A

When I choose a delivery model how long is my child committed? 

A: First semester for the 2020-2021 school year


What technology does my child need for the virtual learning environment?

A: LISA Academy requires a computer with internet access.  Chromebooks are available for check out at the beginning of our school year if devices are needed.


What learning platform will be used?

A: Schoology will be used for both on-site and virtual methods. 


Can my child switch between virtual and blended learning?

A: No, students must select virtual or blended learning for the first semester.

*If there are extenuating circumstances when a switch may be required please contact local administration for further information.


What safety precautions will be in place for blended learning students?

A: Students and staff will have temperatures checked upon entering campus each day.  Face coverings will be used by staff when social distancing is not possible.  Schedules will be altered to reduce interaction of students and staff.  Lunchroom schedules will be modified to reduce the number of students in one area. Student supplies will be separated as much as possible and sanitized when separation is not possible. Seating arrangements and classroom assignments will also be altered to limit the number of people in any one area and assist with social distancing. 

Please note that LISA Academy will be following all CDC guidance as closely as possible, though there may be certain instances where social distancing may not be feasible.  Students will be encouraged to practice healthy hygiene practices (like thorough hand washing and proper ways to greet others).


The survey must be completed for each LISA student by July 13, 2020, failure to complete will result in student automatically being enrolled in on-site blended instruction:

                 TAKE ME TO THE SURVEY!