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Winter Break 2019-20 Assignment

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
During the Winter Break, we at LISA Academy West Middle School want you to have a restful time and to return strong and ready to face a new semester in January.  To help keep us sharp, we are giving students a bit of work to keep the brain engaged.  There is a special bonus assignment, as well.
Math: Students should complete 15 Aleks topics.  For those who complete this task, there is a 1 day jeans pass as a reward.
English: Students should research their favorite poem and write a narrative on why they chose the poem and what makes it their favorite.  For those who complete this task, there are 10 bonus points.
Special Assignment: Dr. Durand has committed to reading three books over the holiday season.  For any student who reads a book (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, etc.) and brings him a book recommendation (why they chose the book, what it's about, whether or not he should read it and why), there will be a 1 day jeans pass and Dr. Durand will read the book with the best review.