Students » RED RIBBON WEEK - Be Happy! Be Brave! Be Drug Free!

RED RIBBON WEEK - Be Happy! Be Brave! Be Drug Free!


Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.

2021-2022 Red Ribbon Activities (October 25 - 29)

MONDAY: Jaguars are READY to be DRUG FREE!

  • Wear Team Jersey/LISA shirt
  • Jeans

TUESDAY: I Can, You Can - Be Drug Free!

  • Bring Canned Goods - 1st period class with most cans by Friday wins!
  • Wear Red shirt
  • Jeans

WEDNESDAY: Heroes Make Good Choices!

  • Wear favorite Superhero shirt
  • Jeans

THURSDAY: Send Drugs to Another Galaxy!

  • Wear “space theme” - stars, clouds, planets, sun, NASA
  • Jeans

FRIDAY: Doing Drugs will “HAUNT” You For Life!

  • Wear orange and/or black, Halloween t-shirt - NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!
  • NO GUNS, KNIVES, GORE, VIOLENCE, ETC to be displayed on the shirt
  • Jeans

All clothing must follow the guidelines in the student handbook:

  1. Clothing that is inappropriate or offensive will not be allowed. 
  2. No frayed or torn jeans with holes are allowed.
  3. No spiked/gauged earrings, no spiked necklaces or spiked bracelets are allowed.
  4. Students may wear stud earrings no larger than the ear lobes; no large hoop, gauge, or large dangling earrings are allowed.
  5. No jewelry or apparel exhibiting or promoting illegal substances, gangs, or violence is allowed.
  6. No tattoos (permanent or temporary) may be visible.

Students in violation of these guidelines will have disciplinary consequences and will not be allowed to participate in any other free dress activities.